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  my studio

A fascination of nature has played a major role in my life. Already as a child, my

greatest joy was to accompany my father when he worked in the forrest or went fishing.

I began mixing colours with earth  pigmant back in 1984. The idea of using drifting wood,

came to me on a fishing trip in the mountains of northern Sweden. All these pieces are

unique, each one has its own shape and form which allows me a greater creative freedom.

As the wood has to be dried and treated carefully many times before painting and

completion,  each artwork requires more than a years work before it is ready.

This really is a produkt of nature – from the inspiration, to the colours and the raw material,

to the finished product.


I hope the onlooker  feel the colours and atmosphere of the wild northern Sweden and its

large expanses of wilderness. I hope that my artwork will contribute to greater awareness of

the old forest and threatened wildlife which still remains.

Predators have always fascinated me, especially wolves, lynx and owls, and these featur

prominantly in my work – as does the Ladybird which for me represents the freedom and

happiness I feel when creating these works of art. Each work has its own ladybird.


Creation is life…




Address:       Lotta Holmgren, Farfarsgården, Ajaur 44, SE-921 91  Lycksele Sweden

Phone:          +46 950 54 50 21, +46 70 372 01 50